Your school

Here you can access features and information specific to your school.


The summary dashboard gives you numbers of:

Pupils in key context groups: this includes, leavers, gender types and other key contextual groups.

Groups: this includes classes, sets and your custom groups.

Users: this gives you a breakdown of the number of users you have and their status.


To view pupils that have been marked as a leaver, simply click on either of the leavers links – there are two, one in the dashboard and on in the left sub-menu. From there you can see a list of leavers and ‘restore’ leavers back into your OTrack account.

The sub-menu

Towards the left of the page, you notice a sub-menu. From here you can set your school Age Related Expectations, manage leavers, and manage users.

Updated on February 2, 2023

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