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Ages Assessment Input

Here you can record Ages for pupils against subjects.

Entering data

To record that a pupil is working at the ability of an average pupil who is 6 years, 7 months you would simply select 6 years and 7 months.

If a pupil is working at the standard of a 12-year-old you would select 12 years and 0 months.

The data will automatically save as you move/click away from the cell.

Year groups, classes and terms

To load a different year group, class or term simply use the drop-down menus to load the marksheet that you require.

Using the toolbar

You can use the assessment toolbar to change how you view the data. Toolbar Explained


Subjects are grouped together using the same groupings as found in the DFE national curriculum. You can use drop-down to change to the ‘Core Subjects’, ‘Foundation Subjects’ and ‘Other Subjects’.


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Can I hide subjects?

In short, yes! Read our article about this here: Hiding subjects, and bookmarking your assessment screen.

Updated on February 2, 2023

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