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Phonics and RWI Assessment Input

Here you can record termly phonics phases or RWI bands for pupils.

Entering data

Simply click into the cell for the appropriate pupil and term, then input the phase/band that the pupil has achieved. The data will automatically save as you move/click away from the cell.

Your assessment codes

To view the phases or bands that your OTrack Admin (usually your headteacher) requested to use – click on the ‘Codes’ button towards the top-right of the page.

Year groups and classes

To load a different year group or class simply use the drop-down menus to load the marksheet that you require.

Using the toolbar

You can use the assessment toolbar to change how you view the data. Toolbar Explained


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Can I hide terms?

In short, yes! Read our article about this here: Hiding subjects, and bookmarking your assessment screen.

Updated on February 2, 2023

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